My Style and Approach 

Whether you wish to deal with long-term problems, address new challenges, focus on a specific issue or learn more about yourself, therapy can provide relief, clarity and insight.  While people can be at different stages in their readiness to make a change, therapy can be very helpful in providing support and direction at any stage of change.  I believe that a non-judgmental and collaborative approach allows me to meet people where they are in this process.  Warmth, humor, and patience characterize my therapy style. I integrate a variety of theoretical orientations including behavioral, cognitive behavioral, acceptance and commitment therapy, and interpersonal therapy.  My eclectic approach to treatment is shaped by an individual's needs.  I work with adults of all ages presenting with the following issues:

Infertility (Psychotherapy and Evaluation)
Pregnancy Loss

Women's health
Depression and other Mood Disorders

Stress and Anxiety Disorders (phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Adjustment to a medical diagnosis/illness

Stress of balancing a family and career

Personality Disorders

Work/Career/School Stress
Stress associated with major life changes and transitions

Relationship/Interpersonal difficulties
​Post-Traumatic Stress